How we managed my mother’s breast cancer and COVID-19 treatment through

by Shruti Lena Fernandez

In May 2021, we received my mother’s breast cancer diagnosis. She is wheel-chair bound and it is difficult for us to travel much. 

When we got in touch with’s care manager Avinash, he became our biggest support. He did everything from finding options for treatment and oncologists, to finding ways to reduce our treatment costs. I came to trust him completely. In fact, I told him frankly that he had full permission to be our decision maker. 

At this time, my mother was diagnosed with COVID-19 as well and we had to delay her treatment for 20 days due to this. But immediately after that time gap, we got her admitted to the hospital for her surgery. Avinash was present at each hospital visit and was standing with us through every step, like a family member. In fact my mother said that he was a second son to her because of how he had helped us with her treatment. 

During our last hospital visit, Avinash asked my mother how she was feeling now and she smiled and said ‘Mi Bara Aye’ or ‘I am fine’. This would not have been possible without and we are grateful for their every help. helped us

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