Onco gave me excellent advice for my breast cancer treatment

by Team Onco

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Breast Cancer fighter Suman, mother of Manish who shared to above google review, shares her experience with Onco.com

No one before me had cancer in my family. So we really have no clue what cancer treatment will be like. The general opinion in my family was that people who get cancer never recover. 

Our extended family also shared this very pessimistic opinion and even advised us not to opt for any treatment. Everyone felt it would be a waste of money. 

I was very confused. I was diagnosed with breast cancer and had no idea whom to turn to for the right advice. My three sons were very supportive and wanted to try the best possible treatment for me. 

We contacted Onco.com to help us understand how to manage my cancer treatment. Their care manager, Dr Kritika, considered our test reports and also our financial situation and suggested a hospital that fit into our budget. 

The oncologist which Onco connected us with confirmed that the cancer was still in the early stages and it was possible to successfully treat it. Immediate surgery was required, which we did. 

After a month of surgery, we were advised to go for radiation therapy. My sons started finding out more about radiation therapy to see if it was really required. 

Onco.com gave us complete information of the procedure, starting from how it will be done, the costs, the possible result, the diet that needs to be followed during this time etc. It became very easy for us to understand what to do, and we could confidently go ahead with it. 

Now, I have completed all rounds of radiation and am recovering well. I can say for sure that this would not have been possible without the support from Onco. 

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