How helped me get cancer treatment through my scheme card

by Team Onco

The caregiver of a lung cancer patient shares their experience with

When my father was diagnosed with lung cancer, we tried to find a hospital that could provide treatment at low cost. We are not financially stable and corporate hospitals are out of our reach. 

We started treatment at a nearby hospital but had to discontinue it as we ran out of funds. I called just out of curiosity to check if there was anything they could do for us. To my surprise, their care manager Shridhar advised me that it was possible to get treatment from a well-known chain of corporate hospitals using our scheme card. 

If we had this information before, the treatment could have continued without any interruptions. The delay in treatment procedures caused the cancer to become incurable. 

Yet, we decided to continue treatment to help reduce the symptoms and to manage the pain. 

My father became well enough to celebrate the Puri Jagannath festival with us for one last time. That was a happy time in our family after a long time. All of us gathered together to enjoy our time with my father. Everyone in my family asked me how I found out that this hospital would treat us through our scheme card. They all expressed thanks to for giving us this chance to enjoy our festival with our father. 

Don’t let the lack of information spoil your chance of getting proper treatment. Please take the right advice as soon as possible to get the best results. testimonial

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