I found emotional and mental support for my pancreatic cancer journey through Onco.com

by Team Onco

Tasneem S was diagnosed with pancreatic Cancer and needed emotional and medical support 

Being the sole breadwinner of my family, my pancreatic cancer diagnosis just broke me. I had to survive my cancer to be able to take care of my loved ones again. 

I had no one to ask about the various medical details of my treatment or even to just talk about how I was feeling. I felt under a lot of pressure but could not open up about that to my family. 

It’s important to really understand your treatment to get the most out of it. I had a lot of doubts about my side-effects, treatment costs and many other things. It was Onco.com that clarified these doubts for me and showed me a clear path ahead.

I felt it easy to speak to their care managers and share everything with them. They were able to guide me with the right information and that saved me a lot of time and tension. 

As a woman, I have always been told that I am too ambitious. But Onco.com helped me get back to making my dreams come true by being there for me at a time when I needed it most. 

onco.com helps a pancreatic cancer patient get back to work

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