Onco helped me connect with the right oncologist for my father-in-law’s oral cancer

by Team Onco

Caregiver Dilip shares his experience with trying to find the right oncologist and cancer treatment 

onco.com helped me with my father-in-law's cancer

My father-in-law is one of the most important people in my life. I knew him much before he became my father-in-law. He taught me all about my trade and helped me find a job. In many ways, he was a mentor to me and whatever I am today is because of him. 

My bond with him is very special. After I married his daughter, he became my family but he continued to be my mentor. 

When he was diagnosed with oral cancer, I knew that I would do everything in my power to make sure he got the best possible treatment. But there were many problems in doing this. 

Our treating oncologist had advised us that surgery was not possible for my father-in-law and had advised immunotherapy as the only possible treatment. But immunotherapy is too expensive for us and I was not able to arrange the finances required for this. 

When I contacted Onco.com, my father-in-law was already in stage III of oral cancer. He was bleeding from his oral cavity. My relatives had discouraged me from opting for treatment as they felt the stage was too advanced and there was no hope. 

Onco.com showed me that there was still hope. They connected me to another oncologist who informed me that surgery was possible.

We have now successfully completed the surgery. We are continuing to follow-up with the oncologist to monitor his progress. 

Eating food was a problem for my father-in-law due to the cancer being in his oral cavity. So Onco gave a diet plan through which he can eat better than before. 

I have already recommended Onco to another relative and a friend who had cancer. I would recommend Onco to everyone who has cancer as it is important to get this help at the right time. 

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