Our Cancer Journey with Onco.com: Nikita and Deepa Dutta share their experience

by Team Onco

Breast Cancer survivor Deepa Dutta and her daughter Nikita Dutta talk about their experience with Onco.com

It was a really difficult day in my life when I got a phone call from my mother about her diagnosis. The word ‘cancer’ was a big shock to us all and we had no idea what to do about it. Moreover, I was miles away from my mother and I had no idea how to console her. 

Fortunately, we found Onco.com. Our care manager guided us through every part of the treatment with a lot of attention to detail. He gave us options of hospitals at different locations to choose from. We wanted to complete the treatment in Guwahati and so he found us the best options at that location. 

From the dosage of our medicines, to the best times to take them, he guided us on everything. He took time to answer all our questions in detail. Later, we got another care manager who was equally polite if not even more so. She would check in on us from time to time to make sure everything was going as per the plan. 

For my mother and myself, the biggest challenge with cancer was to manage our own emotions around this illness. Especially, when we were in two different locations, it was difficult to stay calm. Other than this emotional aspect, we didn’t really feel much pressure from this illness. 

I guess one of the reasons it all went so smoothly was because of our care managers from Onco.com. They helped us with every small aspect of the treatment, including what to eat and how much to eat. 

Deepa Dutta adds, “I really did not face much trouble. During chemotherapy, for a few days I would feel tired. But after that, my energy would come back and I was able to do all my work like I used to do before.

“I made a few changes in my meals. I made sure I ate more meals and also that I got enough protein in my diet. 

“Now, I feel fine again. People think cancer means the end of everything. But nowadays it is not so. We can get the right treatment and manage our health well.”


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