Onco showed me the right treatment for my father’s stomach cancer

by Team Onco

Pavan explains how Onco.com convinced him to prepare his father for surgery

I’m Pavan from Hanumangarh, Rajasthan. My father had been suffering with stomach cancer and was undergoing chemotherapy for the same.

I had found out a lot about cancer treatment from my friends and relatives. That’s how I came to know that radiation therapy has good results for cancer. So I called up Onco.com to find out if my father could take radiation therapy. 

The care manager from Onco.com explained to me that radiation therapy was not given for stomach cancer. After this, I decided to go for their ITB (Indian Tumour Board) service. They sent my father’s reports to a few top oncologists and then told me that he should undergo surgery and not just chemotherapy. 

I did not want to opt for surgery. All the cases I knew where the patient underwent surgery, ended in the death of the patient. So I refused.

However, the care manager explained to me in detail why surgery was important and then chemotherapy would be given afterwards. After understanding the details, I agreed to get it done. 

I am a central government employee and wanted a hospital where my scheme card could be used. Onco.com had contacts in a famous hospital in Jaipur and they got my scheme card accepted there. 

My father underwent surgery there and is now in remission. Onco.com also gave me a diet plan to help him gain strength faster. 

I’m so happy I found Onco.com or else it would have been very difficult for me to get so much information so quickly. 

my experience with Onco.com

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