My Colon Cancer Story: Healing Takes Time

by Team Onco

Mr Gopalkrishnan, resident of Kozhikode, Kerala, shared his cancer story with us for the benefit of other cancer patients. He has now completed treatment for colon cancer, with assistance from, and is on the path to recovery.

It started off with very small symptoms, and no one could have guessed that it would turn out to be cancer. 

At first, the doctor suspected it was a case of piles or hernia. He put me under treatment for that, but when the symptoms did not improve even after a few weeks, the doctor asked me to go for a few tests.

I was asked to do a colonoscopy and that’s when they found a growth in my colon. At the next doctor consultation, the doctor asked me to step outside so that he could speak with my daughter alone. 

When my daughter emerged from the consultation room, she explained that it was colon cancer. I immediately went back to see the doctor and asked him why he tried to hide this information from me. I needed to know what I was suffering from, so that I could take all the right measures to be cured of it. 

Many people are very scared of the word ‘cancer’, and initially it shook me too. But we need to understand that cancer treatment is not what it used to be. Much progress has been made and now many people recover from cancer, after getting the right treatment. 

So cancer no longer means death. You can survive cancer. You will need to find the right treatment and you will need to follow your doctor’s instructions perfectly. 

Try to focus on the treatment, not the fear

It’s very easy to get distracted by what others say about your disease. A better use for your time and energy would be to stay focused on what needs to be done to overcome the disease. 

Make note of everything your doctor says and follow his instructions carefully. I took the help of to get the right information on what to eat during this time. I followed the diet very strictly. 

Healing takes time

After my surgery, I suffered from diarrhea. I began to lose hope, wondering if my treatment was unsuccessful. 

My doctor explained that the process takes time. The side-effects and other symptoms will settle down, but we need to be patient and continue with the treatment plan. 

Now these symptoms have subsided and I am much better. 


I am grateful to the medical team that gave me the right information and the right treatment. I survived cancer because of their efforts and encouragement. I cannot say it was an easy process, but in the end, if you can have your life back, then you have lost nothing. 

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