How Onco helped us understand the best cancer treatment for my 82 year-old grandfather

by Team Onco

Caregiver Amit shares his experience of getting a second opinion from testimonial


My 82 year-old grandfather lives in Kolkata. This year he was diagnosed with high-risk basal cell carcinoma of the face. 

Our entire family tried hard to find out the best treatment for him. Some of our friends advised us to go to a famous trust hospital and so we used referrals to start my grandfather’s treatment there. 

But there was still no clarity on how to proceed with the treatment, as we were receiving mixed opinions from different oncologists. Some advised radiation as the first line of treatment, while some even suggested that we do not go for any treatment, due to his advanced age. 

We had almost decided to go only for radiation therapy. It was at this point that I got in touch with’s internal team of oncologists advised that surgery should be the first line of treatment, followed by radiation to reduce the risk of the cancer coming back. 

They also gave me a second option of definitive radiation but they advised that the risk of the cancer coming back would be higher with the second option. 

We shared Onco’s report with our treating team at the trust hospital. They agreed with it and so our treatment went ahead with surgery. 

My grandfather is now on post-treatment follow-up and is recovering well. 

I decided to post a google review for so that more people know about how useful their services are. 

treatment options for carcinoma in india

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