How I managed my Oral Cancer treatment in Bihar through

by Team Onco

Kamal S from Samastipur, Bihar, explains how he got a smooth cancer treatment process

One of the biggest problems I faced during my oral cancer treatment is navigating through the procedures and formalities at hospitals and clinics. 

Especially due to the COVID-19 pandemic, there were delays at each step. Firstly, there is no clarity with the procedures and what needs to be done at each step. This makes it difficult to prepare beforehand with all the right documents and requirements. 

Secondly, several additional processes were added due to COVID-19 and these made an already difficult process even more frustrating. 

I contacted because I wanted someone to take over all the formalities and procedures so that the treatment could continue without any delays. They booked all priority appointments for me beforehand so that my waiting time at the hospital was reduced. They advised me of what to do at each step. 

Everything became much easier after took over. I feel cancer is already stressful and we should just leave all this extra stress and planning to It really gives us a chance to focus on the treatment and recovery. 

cancer patient testimonial

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