I got the right treatment support for my colon cancer treatment from Onco.com

by Team Onco

Kumar shared his experience with Colon cancer and Onco.com. 

The first time I spoke with Onco.com’s care manager Dr Aswathy, she immediately understood the stress I was under. My colon cancer diagnosis came out of the blue. I could not come to terms with it and even small things in life became very stressful for me. 

I was not able to share my pressures with anyone in my family. This made me feel isolated. I also felt like my treatment was not moving in the right direction. I became skeptical about cancer treatment.

Dr Aswathy helped me with every treatment related query I had. She suggested counselling sessions with a psycho-oncologist and from the first session itself I could feel a difference. 

Onco.com’s senior nutritionist also gave a customized diet plan which was very important, specially for my type of cancer. 

In short, I would say that Onco.com gave me the peace of mind that I badly needed. It was the missing piece of my treatment puzzle.

Onco.com helps a colon cancer patient

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