Onco.com helped me when even the doctors gave up hope

by Team Onco

Cancer caregiver Ranjit explain his experience with his mother last stage pancreatic cancer

Few months back, we consulted one of the best oncologists in Delhi. He told us that nothing can be done for my mother as she was in her last stage. He said we had come to him too late. 

I also consulted a few other doctors and all said the same thing after they saw the reports. My mother has pancreatic cancer and it has spread to her liver. There is fluid formation in her abdomen. She cannot walk, we need to carry her even to the washroom. She also cannot eat much.

After trying many other options, I called Onco.com. They told me that the doctors were refusing treatment because my mother was too weak to withstand any kind of treatment like chemotherapy. So, we need to focus on improving my mother’s overall health and strength for now. 

They said the first step was nutrition. They gave me a liquid diet plan for my mother in both Hindi and English. We started using this plan and saw that my mother was able to eat much better. 

We don’t know if my mother will ever become strong enough for treatment. But the biggest thing for us is that she is at least able to eat now. We can see her in a much better condition and that itself is a big blessing for us. 

At a time when everyone turned us away saying there is no hope, Onco.com was the only place we got some hope from. Their diet plan gave us a lot of relief. There was no path in front of us, and they showed us a path to follow. 


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