Onco.com found out that I was on the wrong treatment for cervical cancer

by Team Onco

Radha N of Raipur shares how her oncologist changed her cancer treatment after getting a second opinion

We contacted Onco.com for a second opinion for my cervical cancer treatment in July 2021. By this time, I had already begun treatment at another hospital and was undergoing chemotherapy. 

We opted for the Indian Tumour Board service of Onco.com. Their report showed that the first treatment should have been radiation therapy and not chemotherapy. But the treatment had already begun and we were not sure what to do at this point. 

Then, Onco.com’s internal team of oncologists contacted my treating oncologist to explain their report. After that discussion, my oncologist decided to change the treatment to radiation therapy. 

We are very happy that we are now on the correct treatment path and can be hopeful of better results than before. 

I have also taken their nutrition services and now follow a customised diet plan from their senior nutritionist. 

It’s very important to get a second opinion as we do not get many chances to beat cancer. I would suggest that everyone make use of this to improve their chances of a better life.

second opinion for cancer treatment can save life

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