Onco.com goes the extra-mile so you don’t have to – Liver cancer patient finds help in time of need

by Team Onco

It is not always the familiar story: spot the symptoms and you have cured the disease. For liver cancer, there’s got to be more attention tended to the patient. It is a long drawn process which needs watchful support.

LiverCancerOne such testimonial was of Mayur*, who is diagnosed with liver cancer. He traveled from Orrisa to Mumbai, while searching for a liver cancer specialist and visited one of India’s most sought after cancer trust hospital. The queues were long at the hospital and he wondered if his turn would be today or would he have to return tomorrow or the day after that.

The routines are slow for the patients and quick for the doctors and the health professionals at that hospital. It takes hours for a patient to reach his/her turn and a few minutes for the doctor to say ‘Next.’ And if symptoms got worse, appointments for screening procedures took another round of the token system and hours of repeated waiting. Running around in circles was no progress at all. And to add to it, he was showing symptoms of fatigue, fever and abdominal pain.

Liver cancer in situ may be easy enough to treat, but when it is aggressive it spreads to the lungs or other parts of the body. This is something that needs urgent attention.

Mayur surfed the phone for other alternatives near him when Onco.com flashed on his screen. He hit “OncoConnect” and within 20 minutes he was connected with the right cancer specialist. A representative from our care team directed him to a liver cancer specialist, merely 6 kilometer away from where he was, and patient started receiving the right treatment guidance.

Onco.com helped save significant time and effort for Mayur. Before his meeting with the cancer specialist, our team provided him a preliminary opinion through our website that empowered him with the right questions to ask when he meets the doctor. He was warmly received at the hospital and has been advised further screening investigations by the specialist.

Every day, hundreds of cancer patients connect with us. We have a wide network of specialized cancer doctors and cancer hospitals all over India, so that each and every patient gets access to the most suitable doctor. In addition, our care team guide and support patients to undergo any additional tests required at trusted diagnostic laboratories, which helps improve their treatment outcomes. We go the extra mile so you won’t have to.

*Mayur (name changed for patient privacy) is a 59 years old male from Orrisa. His son-in-law got in touch with Onco.com in September 2018 and patient is currently undergoing treatment at Mumbai.

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