How helped me reduce my mother-in-law’s cancer treatment costs

by Team Onco


If you’ve experienced cancer in your family, you will understand how deeply it can affect all parts of our lives. 

It was the beginning of May 2021. We found out that my mother-in-law had a tumour. I suspected this was cancer, but did not know whom to talk to about this. 

I had a lot of questions on my mind: who was the best doctor for this type of tumour, which hospital should we go to, and how do we know if the advice we are getting is correct or not.

I did not know who could help me with these questions. Luckily, I found on the internet. Although initially, I was hesitant, I finally decided to contact them. 

That’s how I was connected with Avinash,’s care manager. That was the turning point of our journey. helped me

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Angel in disguise

Avinash simplified the process ahead of us. The first step was to find the right doctor. Avinash got us a priority appointment at a much sought after doctor in our city, Mumbai. That was the beginning of our treatment journey.

Next, we needed several tests done and Avinash booked these for us at discounted rates through two diagnostic centres, one of which came home to collect the samples. This discount saved my initial costs by almost INR 30,000.

The tests confirmed that my mother-in-law had large B cell type non-hodgkin’s lymphoma. Our oncologist recommended 6 cycles of RCHOP chemotherapy

At this point, Avinash helped us get a second opinion from another oncologist to confirm that we were on the best possible treatment path. This gave us the confidence to move ahead without any second thoughts. 

Avinash introduced me to a diagnostic centre from where I could get a PET scan at a very reasonable cost. 

From reducing my waiting time at doctor appointments, to reducing my costs at diagnostic centres, Avinash has done it all. 

Moreover, he became a mental and emotional support for our family by assuring us at each step that everything was going to be okay. 

Within 15 days of the diagnosis, we had started our treatment. I have spoken to others who have gone through this journey and it has taken them much longer to start the treatment. Trying to find out all the right information by ourselves can take up more time. The priority should be to start treatment as early as possible. 

I do mean it when I say that Avinash has been an angel in disguise for our family. This would not have been possible without him. 

During this time, I was suffering from fibroid and needed immediate surgery. Avinash helped me get a second opinion for my problem as well. This helped us know that my treatment was also moving in the right direction. 

Financial aspect

One of my friends who is also undergoing chemotherapy did not have the funds for her treatment as there is no earning member in her home. Due to covid, her chemotherapy had been paused and she had to restart it again. 

Avinash helped me contact Impact Guru and we set up a fund for her treatment. This fund managed to cover not just her treatment cost but also covered the cost of her tests and medications. 

Such dedication from Avinash and was unexpected. They went above and beyond to help us out. It’s a big support for cancer patients and caregivers to have such assistance during these tough times. 

My recommendation

I would strongly recommend’s services to all my friends and anyone who is reading this. They definitely helped us in more ways than we could imagine.

I am happy to continue to be associated with them and I thank them for all that they have done for my family. 

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