I got treatment advice for my brain tumour from Onco.com

by Team Onco

Brain Tumour patient Ajith reviews Onco.com’s services

Shortly after I turned 22 years old, I was diagnosed with brain tumour. My family and I had no experience of this type of disease before and we really did not know where to start. 

We called up Onco.com to find out what the treatment for my stage and type of disease would be. They first helped me understand the diagnosis, then provided options of hospitals where I could get treatment. 

At the hospital, Onco.com’s staff was present to help me with all the procedures. They even spoke to the doctors from our side, to put our questions before them. They explained everything to us clearly so that we knew what to do. 

The care manager called us from time to time to check on how I was doing and to get answers to any questions we had. They reminded us before all follow-up visits and even helped us get the prescribed medications at discounted rates. 

I would recommend Onco.com to anybody who has to make this journey. They make the process much easier and less stressful. 

brain tumour treatment

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