Welcome to Onco.com – An Online Cancer Hospital for the World

by Team Onco

We’re pleased to introduce a brand-new identity for the virtual cancer platform that we’ve been building over the past few months.

onco.com cancer acre

As Netdox.org, we’ve helped thousands of cancer patients in 13 countries take the right treatment decisions through a network of world-class oncologists, sourcing and delivering valuable second opinions, and solving complex cancer cases with collaborative reviews from multidisciplinary panels. We have reassured patients and their families who were planning to travel abroad to seek expensive procedures, by validating their treatment plan with evidence-based opinions. At the same time, we have stayed committed to the goal of building a global peer community of highly qualified cancer experts, enabling the exchange of ideas and knowledge of the absolute latest, cutting edge therapies that will shape up the path towards an easier treatment journey for cancer patients around the world.

Rebranding as Onco.com marks a decisive chapter in the growth story of our company. But more than that, we’re excited about the opportunity to be able to touch the lives of millions of patients, understand the problems that plague their lifestyles, and to give them that much-needed confidence to go about their treatments and their lives.

Cancer treatment is evolving globally, and with each passing day, there’s a new drug or a potentially miraculous therapy for which clinical trials are being conducted, and we want to ensure that any patient whose treatment stands to gain from these advancements, gets access to them.

We began as a two-member team last year and are very proud to have grown to a team of 14 rockstars today, all of us committed to the same vision with which we started. In months ahead of us, we will launch our new website, doctor’s portal and expand our reach to new geographies. We will share stories about how caregivers of cancer patients and cancer survivors have fought back and won over the disease, and about the pivotal role played by oncologists.

If you have had any experience with the disease, either as a patient, a caregiver, a doctor or a friend, we would love to hear from you and learn from your experiences. Please write to us at team@onco.com.

Join us in this mission of building a virtual cancer platform for the world. Welcome to Onco.com. Now, let’s solve cancer together!

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