Onco.com helped me get through Melanoma by finding answers to all my questions

by Team Onco

Melanoma patient Parthasarthi explains how Onco.com helped him while he was receiving his treatment in the US

When I was diagnosed with Melanoma (skin cancer), I decided that I would get treated at the best possible hospital. I live in the US, and I have access to the top oncologists of the world. Accordingly, I began my treatment at one of the most prestigious hospitals in the world. At first, I was awestruck by the facilities and expertise available at the hospital. It was more than I had expected, even though I had high expectations owing to its reputation. 

But within a few weeks, I realised that there was one thing missing there. My oncologist had no time to listen. The treatment may have been top notch but I still had so many questions; what to eat, how much to eat, what side-effects to expect etc. There was no one who had the time to answer these questions for me. 

My brother who lives in India pushed me to speak with Onco.com. At that time, I really did not think they could help me in any way. I was already receiving treatment at the best possible hospital. What could an Indian company do for me that these experts could not?

However, after my brother insisted, I decided to just speak with them once. Dr Saini from Onco.com gave me something that my expert treating team could not: time. She spent time understanding my requirements and finding the right answers for me. She sensed that I was going through a lot mentally and emotionally. So she immediately arranged for a cancer counsellor to help me ease my mind. 

She also got me a personalised diet plan as per my personal food preferences. I was very keen to follow a gluten free diet. Onco.com’s nutritionist advised me on that as well as every other diet-related question I had. 

I went ahead and got a second opinion from Onco.com. They gave me treatment recommendations from experts similar to the ones I was consulting. 

This gave me a lot of faith in Indian healthcare experts. I feel their personal care and attention to detail cannot be found anywhere else in the world. 

Having lost both my parents in the last one year, cancer came at a time when I was already overwhelmed with many other things. I am happy to have found Onco.com and got the right help at this time and it has made all the difference.

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