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by Team Onco

Onco.com Impact Story

A 47-year-old Kenyan woman was diagnosed with ovarian cancer before she flew to New Delhi, India to explore treatment options. Her cancer had progressed to stage 4, and the hospital advised them to opt for a surgical procedure costing around ₹6 Lakhs ($10,000). This was when she contacted Onco.com, and it changed the course of her treatment, for better.

Ovarian-cancer-patient-from-Kenya-avoids-surgery-worth-6-Lakhs-in-IndiaDiagnosis: Ovarian cancer (metastatic carcinoma of the ovaries)

Stage: The cancer had progressed to stage 4, and the patient needed clear treatment guidance.


The patient was under treatment for two years. They were exploring surgery, but were unsure about the outcome.


The patient’s family wanted to know what the best course of treatment was, and whether the suggested surgery would lead to better outcomes.

The Onco.com Solution

Onco.com developed a panel that comprised medical, radiation and surgical oncologists, and delivered a case summary of the patient to these doctors. Upon a thorough review of the patient’s medical history, the Onco.com panel concluded that surgery wouldn’t lead to better outcomes. Instead, as a better treatment option, they suggested that the patient be put on chemotherapy with the drugs Paclitaxel and Carboplatin, coupled with Whole Brain Radiotherapy to treat brain lesions.

The patient followed Onco.com’s advice and saved ₹6 lakhs ($10,000) in surgery costs. She is on her way to recovery, and we wish her well.

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