For my father’s larynx cancer, we got both online and offline support from 

by Team Onco

Caregiver Kumar from Kolkata, whose father suffers from larynx cancer, narrates his experience with

We started my father’s larynx cancer treatment at a popular chain of hospitals in Kolkata. But I was not fully confident about how the treatment was proceeding. Since we are not from a medical background, it becomes difficult to know if the treatment is moving in the right direction or not. 

When I contacted, I wanted to get a second opinion on the treatment. They got me an online consultation from another oncologist from the same hospital but from a different location – Mumbai. 

The Mumbai oncologist explained that a vocal cord related surgery would be important for my father. I felt confident after speaking with this oncologist and wanted to continue my treatment through him. 

We did not know anyone in Mumbai. helped us with everything there. Their staff came to the Mumbai hospital and took care of every step of the procedure at the hospital. My father and I felt very comfortable although Mumbai was completely unfamiliar to us. 

The surgery was completed successfully and my father is now recovering. I know this would not have been possible without this support from

larynx cancer story

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