Onco.com helps cancer patient with asymptomatic leukemia find treatment with minimal side effects

by Team Onco

59 year-old Tilak Raj is a young man at heart, always up for being active and having no resolve for retiring anytime soon. He was diagnosed with a type of leukemia a year and half before he got in touch with Onco.com. The problem was that the symptoms did not show yet.

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The doctors he had consulted in and around Jalandhar and Ludhiana in Punjab (India) were of the opinion that chemotherapy must be administered anyway. Frustrated with their unsatisfactory responses, he kept trying more doors for a better explanation.

More seasoned specialists are aware of the protocol that one does not begin with chemo drugs for asymptomatic leukemia. It is unnecessarily stressful for the body to handle side-effects that are uncalled for.

This was when he across Onco.com and sent across his blood test and other medical reports which did not point to a blood disease at all. They showed normal. Our team of blood cancer experts formed a quarterly follow-up plan for Tilak. This way he could avoid heavy doses of chemo drugs and still stay alert for any signs that might give them a cue for an early fight mechanism.

“These follow-ups,” Tilak recalls “felt like someone cared for me, like I was safe.”

It is not unusual for patients to get lost in a maze of hospital visits and guesswork. “With Onco.com, I received follow-up calls from experts and a human being constantly reassuring me that they are also monitoring my health.” Our earlier patients know that support from our care team is lifelong and every individual has thoroughly looked after.

After a vigilance for 6 months, reports showed symptoms of spleen inflammation, and a few lumps that Tilak had spotted led to anxiety. Our cancer experts immediately changed gears to draw out a treatment plan of chemotherapy and immunotherapy for him. His care manager found the right contacts of specialists in his home state, Punjab.

We strive to make our services simpler for patients, leading to a better experience from start to finish. Providing treatment guidance in a multi-disciplinary setting is more than just a second opinion: it puts them on an accelerated path to recovery, having local coordination also helps them through the hospital and insurance procedures, which eases a lot of anxiety of the patient and their families during treatment.

Our journey with Tilak has taught us more than meets the eye. We have been able to connect him with top cancer specialists, do regular check-ins with timely advice, and provide treatment close to where he lives. For a patient to trust online experts rather than going by the hunch of local doctors, motivates us to continue in our journey.

For Tilak Raj, peace of mind through clarity was an important part of recovery, instead of standing in queues for half-baked answers. This is neither worth the time or energy. Tilak is still our pal and we contact him regularly to monitor his progress and let him know that we are always there.

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