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A 36-year-old Indian woman was diagnosed with Stage 4 breast cancer, with liver and bone metastases. She was not able to know if she was getting the right treatment, since her treating doctors were always busy. Her family reached out to Onco.com for a better understanding of treatment timelines, outcomes and the possibility of enrolling her in a clinical trial. Read on to know how it helped.

Diagnosis: Breast cancer (cancer of the right breast)

Stage: The patient was diagnosed to be at Stage IVB. The cancer had metastasized to the patient’s liver and bones. The patient’s tumor had tested negative for ER and PR, and positive for HER2/Neu (+3).


The patient and her family had zero visibility over how the treatment was progressing. The patient’s father-in-law (who is a doctor) wanted to get a second opinion on the treatment being pursued, and to understand the timelines and outcomes more objectively.


The patient’s family wanted a better understanding of the survival rates at such an advanced stage of the disease. They also wanted to know if any relevant clinical trials were recruiting nearby.

The Onco.com Solution

Onco.com formed a panel of senior radiation oncologists and medical oncologists to get a combined viewpoint on the patient’s condition. Post this, a conference call was arranged between the patient’s family and a senior medical oncologist (from the Onco.com panel), who satisfactorily addressed all the questions of the caregiver.

The family received a detailed opinion from Onco.com within a week, which included answers to their specific questions regarding survival, and other critical follow-up queries.

The patient’s family was satisfied with the answers they received from the Onco.com expert panel, and gained confidence in pursuing the right treatment plan.


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