How a Cancer Care Manager Can Help You 

by Team Onco

Cancer is complicated, but very often lack of proper knowledge and help can make it even more complicated. Fortunately, we have a team of experts at who can help you navigate these uncertain times with confidence.

The care management team at consists of medical experts who can provide different kinds of help, depending on your requirements. Listed below are just some of the many problems they can help you with.

care managers can help you with cancer doubts

In spite of the great resources available on the Internet, cancer patients and caregivers still find themselves struggling to find the right information. The reason for this is simple. 

When it comes to cancer, often there is no one fixed answer to the question. The answers depend on specific details like the age of the patient, their medical history, any other diseases they suffer from, the organ(s) affected, the stage of the disease, the general health of the patient and many other such factors. 

Due to this, you cannot find one simple answer on the internet for most questions related to cancer. Finding the right information, without wasting time, can be crucial for recovery. 

review of care manager service’s care management team can provide quick and accurate answers to your queries ranging from finding the right oncologist for you to dealing with side-effects of the treatment. 

Here are some examples of the kind of questions your care manager can answer for you:

  • Who is the right oncologist for me and why?
  • Which are the hospitals where I can get treatment within my budget?
  • Can you book a diagnostic test at a centre close to me?
  • Why have I been prescribed this drug? What are the possible side-effects?
  • How can I reduce or manage these side-effects?
  • Where can I get the right home care?
  • Treatment Planning

The care management team can help you plan each stage of your treatment beforehand. Our internal team of medical experts include oncologists from different treatment modes who will be able to advise you on the next steps to be taken. 

Interpreting your diagnostic reports and understanding the next steps of your treatment and recovery journey becomes simple under the guidance of a team of medical experts.'s care managers

Identifying your needs from nutritional requirements to counselling help, your care manager can guide you through aspects of cancer care that will improve your chances of a successful treatment and a speedy recovery. 

  • Discounts and Financial planning

Your care manager will be able to give you a comparison of the costs of cancer treatment at different hospitals near you, so that you can make an informed choice about your treatment centre. 

You will also be able to avail discounts on medicines, diagnostic tests and certain doctor consultations when booked through

For those who are struggling to fund their cancer treatment, the care manager will be able to advise you on how you can raise funds through crowdfunding and other suitable means. 

  • Personalised cancer care

Anyone who has been through cancer treatment knows that it is an exhausting and often confusing period of life. Having someone to listen to your problems, and offer you both support as well as valid solutions can make a huge difference to your experience. 

care managers can help you with cancer care

From checking in on you after a procedure, to reminding you before your next test or doctor appointment, your care manager provides able assistance, as per your requirement.  

It is no wonder then that Google reviews received by are filled with praise. 

  • Offline help

Having online access to your care manager helps you reach them as and when you need them. But sometimes, you may need an extra bit of help at the hospital, or clinic. At such times,’s network manages to help you with their physical presence in most cities across India. 

As you can see from the list above, there is hardly any cancer-related problem that your care manager cannot help you with. To start your cancer care journey with us, you can call 79965 79965 or click here

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