8 Reasons Why You Should Get a Subscription Plan for Cancer

by Team Onco

The financial aspect of your cancer treatment is often the most stressful one. Especially in a country like India, where most people do not have cancer insurance and regular medical insurance often does not cover for many expenses related to cancer. 

The first step to planning your cancer expenses is to figure out how much your treatment will cost. Most cancer treatments involve surgery, chemotherapy and radiation therapy. Each of these treatments have varying costs depending on your location and which type of medical facility you choose for your treatment. 

Additionally, there will be multiple scans, tests and consultation fees to consider. Special dietary supplements and travel costs for hospital visits may also need to be factored in. 

Most cancer treatments take between three months to one year. This means you will need to plan ahead for certain recurring medical expenses like consultation fees, chemotherapy sessions, diagnostic tests etc for this span of time. 

This is why getting a subscription plan for your cancer treatment is a good option to cut down your recurring costs. 

Let’s look at what benefits Onco.com’s subscription plan Onco Care Plus gives you;

With Onco Care Plus you get your first four audio consultations and first four in-person consultations free. This is valid for a period of one year. If you opt for the three month plan, you will get your first audio consultation and first in-person consultation free.

 You can choose from our network of 1500+ oncologists across India. 

From your fifth consultation onwards, you will get a 40% discount on all audio teleconsultations and 30% discount on all in-person consultations. 

online and physical cancer doctor consultations

Most experienced oncologists charge between INR 750 to INR 1500 per consultation. This means, you will save between INR 300 to INR 600 with each audio consultation and between INR 225 to INR 450 per physical consultation. 

  • Discount on second opinion for your treatment plan

Onco.com offers the Tumour Board service that helps you know if you are currently on the best possible treatment plan or if there is a better treatment plan available for you. 

tumour board service from Onco.com

The Tumour Board consists of expert oncologists from India or the US, who will be able to inform you on the latest treatments available for your type and stage of cancer, along with any clinical trials that might help you. They also give you clarity on what treatment outcomes to expect and what follow-up procedures to adhere to post-treatment. 

With Onco Care Plus, you get a 50% discount on the Indian Tumour Board service. You would be paying INR 3500 for this service, in place of the full price of INR 7000.

 Similarly, there is a 40% discount if you have opted for the US Tumour Board service, which means you will be paying $450 in place of $750 for this service. 

  • Free access to medical opinions through ‘Ask a Question’ feature

You can use Onco.com’s ‘Ask a Question’ feature to get answers to your queries on cancer treatment and cancer care throughout your subscription period. This means you do not need to visit, call, or await a response from your treating team for every little query related to your treatment.

Using this service regularly will save you an estimated INR 1200 in consultation fees, both online and offline. 

ask questions to oncologists free of charge

  • Discounts on treatments and diagnostic tests

With Onco Care Plus, you will get a 5% discount on all treatments booked through us at any hospital within our network. This will mean a saving of upto INR 30,000 on your treatment expenses. 

discount on diagnostics for cancer

Onco.com has a network of over 500+ diagnostic centres across the country. You will get a 35% discount on diagnostic tests booked through us, saving you upto INR 10000. 

  1. Discount on home delivery of medicines

You will get a flat 15% discount on all medicines ordered through our medicine delivery partners.

cancer medication

  1. Free and discounted, customised nutrition plans

Getting the right nutrition during your cancer treatment can greatly improve your chances of recovery by maintaining your energy levels and your body weight. Extreme loss of weight can worsen your overall health leading to discontinuation of the treatment. 

A good diet plan also helps you manage side effects of cancer treatment like nausea, vomiting, constipation, loose motions, loss of appetite etc.

Onco.com’s senior nutritionists can provide you with a customised meal plan created taking into account multiple factors like your age, weight, type and stage of cancer, other illnesses or allergies, food preferences, mode of treatment you are currently under etc. 

free nutrition service for cancer

This service would usually cost you INR 2000 but you can get your first nutrition plan for free with the three month Onco Care Plus. If you opt for the annual plan, you will get four nutritional plans free.

You will also get a 40% discount from your second nutrition plan onwards, with the three month plan.

You can read more about how a customised nutrition plan can improve your chances of a successful treatment here. 

  1. Cashback

Once you opt for Onco Care Plus, you instantly get a cashback of INR 500 added to your Onco wallet.

get cahsback on payments through Onco app

You also get up to 10% cashback on all payments made for any Onco product through the Onco Cancer Care app which is free to download on all mobile devices in India. Click here to download the app. 

  1. Free lifetime access to a care manager

You will be assigned a dedicated care manager who will answer your queries related to cancer care, book your diagnostic and consultation appointments as well as check-in with you regularly to monitor your progress. 

They help you get the right information on your cancer treatment and also help you raise funds for your treatment. 

You can read more about the care management service along with reviews from our customers here.

You will get lifetime access to this kind of support and information, ensuring that you are never alone in your treatment journey. 

cancer care services in india

How much does the Onco subscription plan cost?

Onco Care Plus is available in two prices:

  1. INR 1797 for 3 months 
  2. INR 4788 for 12 months

If you go for the yearly plan, then the free number of consultations will repeat every quarterly. So you can avail one free audio consultations, and one free in-person consultations every three months. 

A calculation of your present monthly expenditure on cancer treatment will show you how much you will stand to save with Onco Care Plus. 

You can get Onco Care Plus through the Onco Cancer Care app. For more information you can call us on 79965 79965 or visit Onco.com.

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