My Cancer Treatment During COVID-19

by Team Onco

Shreshtha, with her courage and integrity-filled stance, is in her journey of taking over cancer. She was diagnosed with Stage 3 breast cancer in September 2019 and has completed lumpectomy followed by chemotherapy as part of her treatment. She was set to start her radiation by end of March 2020, but it has been delayed by a few weeks because of the lockdown.

In a discussion with, she explains how she is managing her cancer treatment during this COVID-19 lockdown, and her advice for other cancer patients and caregivers.


How has COVID-19 affected your cancer treatment?


How important is social distancing to those with cancer?



How do you practice social distancing?



What measures can caregivers take to avoid infection?



Has the lockdown impacted your diet?



Since you cannot step out of your home, what fitness routines do you follow?



How has it been going back to work after your chemotherapy?



How do you balance between working, managing a young child, while also facing the side-effects of chemo?



How do you manage stress and anxiety in the current situation?



What is your advice for other cancer patients?



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