The Thing About Cancer: Benefits of Yoga during Cancer

by Team Onco

This World Yoga Day, we rediscover the benefits of the holistic practice of yoga for cancer patients

Yoga, a discipline of the body, mind and soul, is helping cancer patients across the world regain their health and wellbeing. 

In this episode of The Thing About Cancer, Morven Hamilton explains why yoga is the preferred form of physical and mental fitness for many. Morven is a yoga teacher and teacher trainer based out of England. She specialises in yoga for cancer. 

Benefits of yoga for cancer

Morven explains how yoga is an ideal way to begin mild exercise during or soon after cancer treatment. If you are currently undergoing treatment, please contact a yoga trainer who is specialised in yoga for cancer. If you have already completed treatment, then any beginners level yoga course will be suitable for you.

Yoga is known to bring the body into a state of rest and digest. In this stage, the blood circulation and the breathing is regulated, enabling the body to detoxify itself. 

Apart from the physical benefits, yoga is also known to improve body image issues faced by many today. Furthermore, it improves intrapersonal and interpersonal relationships, apart from helping manage stress and anxiety

Morven testified that yoga helped her with her own mental health issues and she has seen it help many cancer patients reach a place of acceptance. 

Yoga can also be a form of self-care for caregivers as it helps relax the body and mind. 

Morven’s general advice to everyone is to not do anything that aggravates any existing pains or makes you uncomfortable. 

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