Treatment Options For Stage 3 Colon Cancer

Stage 3 colon cancers have spread to the nearby lymph nodes but has not yet spread to the distant organs.

Visual representation of colon cancer in a large intestine

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A partial colectomy is the kind of surgery that is conduct for people with stage 3 colon cancer. A partial colectomy is the procedure where in a part of the colon that had been affected by cancer is removed. After the surgery the standard treatment option is adjuvant chemotherapy. Adjuvant chemotherapy is chemotherapy that is given after surgery.

Radiation therapy or chemotherapy may also be used as treatment options for people who are not in good health for surgery. The radiation therapy may be given after surgery to prevent the recurrence of cancer. It may also be given if the tumor has grown into the nearby tissue or if it has attached itself to the nearby tissue. It may also be given in cases where cancer could not be fully removed.

Chemotherapy is also given after surgery to reduce the risk of recurrence. Chemotherapy is started 4 to 6 weeks after surgery and is given for 6 months.

Prognosis of stage 3 colon cancer

People with stage 3A colon cancer have a five year relative survival rate of 90%. People with stage 3B have a five year relative survival rate of 72% and people with stage 3C of colon cancers have a five-year relative survival rate of 53%.

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