Treatment Options For Stage 1 Colon Cancer

There are different treatments used in colon cancer but most of the treatment depends on the extent of the cancer and many other factors. People who have colon cancer that has not spread usually have surgery as the first or main treatment and later chemotherapy is given.

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In stage 1 colon cancer, the cancer has grown deeper into the colon wall but has not spread to the nearby organs or lymph nodes. Stage 1 colon cancer also includes cancer that was a part of the polyp. If the part of the polyp that contained the cancer was removed during a colonoscopy, with no cancer cells at the margins of the removed piece, no other treatment may be required. However, if the cancer found on in the polyp is of a higher grade or if cancer found at the margins of the polyp, more surgery may be required.

The patient may also be advised to have more surgery if the polyp could not be completely removed or if the polyp had to be removed in bits and pieces making it hard to see if there were cancer cells at the edges.

A partial colectomy is done for cancers that are not in the polyp. A partial colectomy is the process of removing a part of the colon that has cancer and even the nearby lymph nodes. This is the standard treatment for stage 1 colon cancer and the patient won’t need anymore treatment after this.

Prognosis of stage 1 colon cancer

The 5 year relative survival rate of people with stage 1 colon cancer is about 92%.

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