Treatment Options For Stage 0 Colon Cancer

There are different treatments used in colon cancer but most of the treatment depends on the extent of the cancer and many other factors. People who have colon cancer that has not spread usually have surgery as the first or main treatment and later chemotherapy is given.

Picture of a patient being examined for colon cancer

For the treatment of stage 0 colon cancer, surgery is the only kind of treatment that is used as in stage 0 the cancer is in its initial stages and has not grown beyond the inner lining of the colon. For the treatment of stage 0 colon cancer there are two kinds of surgery that are used, a local excision and a segmental colectomy. In the procedure of a local excision, the polyp is removed or the area containing the cancer is taken out with a colonoscope. A part the colon is removed in the procedure of a segemental colectomy. This is usually done if the tumor is too big to be removed in a local excision.

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