Managing Urological Cancer Treatment during COVID-19

by Team Onco

With widespread worries about COVID-19, cancer patients and caregivers may have multiple measures to look at in ensuring safety. They have to carefully assess the benefits and risks of travel, and be in regular touch with their treating team to stay updated on the treatment plan. Dr Narmada Gupta, Chairman, Academic and Research in Urology at The Medcity, Gurgaon discusses about managing urological cancer treatment during COVID-19.

Urological cancer treatment during COVID-19

Common sites in the body targeted by the coronavirus is the organs of the respiratory system. Though the virus does not known to affect the urinary system, sufficient measures are to be taken both by the patients as well as the treating team in ensuring safety against COVID-19. For patients undergoing treatment and have early stage cancers, doctors should assess their conditions and decide if the treatment has to be postponed or attended immediately. For cancer patients who show symptoms, and are at advanced stages, immediate treatment is recommended post consultation with your treating team.



Through a tele-consultation with oncologists, the risks of postponing the treatment versus continuing treatment is assessed, depending on the condition and aggressiveness of cancer. For cancer patients, during this COVID-19 situation, it is advised that they stay in isolation even when at home, and make sure the surfaces they use are disinfected regularly. Also, not more than one caregiver is recommended to attend the patient, and help arrange their needs.

Also, caregivers should ensure all the necessary preventive measures against COVID-19 infection are taken, including wearing masks whenever stepping outside home and maintaining social distancing.

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