Cervical Cancer Care during COVID-19

by Team Onco

In a conversation with Doctor Indu Bansal, on the cervical cancer care during this COVID-19 lockdown, we discuss the important measures for cancer patients and caregivers to follow, and how they can also effectively leverage the tele-consultation service to consult the treating oncologists to take any decisions in terms of their treatment.

How can you leverage social distancing and maintaining hygiene as parts of controlling the spread of COVID-19 to cervical cancer patients?


Not just cervical cancer patients, also other cancer patients may have a compromised immunity and they must maintain social distancing and refrain from travelling until, the situation is mandatory for you to attend to the hospitals such as immediate treatment planning or the curative treatment modality has more promising success rates versus postponing the treatment. Otherwise, it is recommended to understand the situation at your treating centre through a tele-consultation, and then visit the doctors if prompted.



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