Taking Care of Oesophageal Cancer Treatment during COVID-19

by Team Onco

Welcome again to Onco.com’s doctor speak session. Here, Doctor Peush Bajpai, who is the chief medical oncologist and head of the medical oncology department at Manipal Hospitals, Dwaraka, Delhi  speaks about managing oesophageal cancer treatment during COVID-19. Lets us hear the insights on how cancer patients and caregivers can benefit from the treatment and the modalities they have to follow.

In general about managing oesophageal cancer treatment and COVID-19

Know about the causes of oesophageal cancer, treatment and screening modalities in India, and the conditions that need immediate attention to treat oesophageal cancers.



What are the measures you are recommending for oesophageal cancer patients during COVID-19?

Cancer is among the diseases we have to give the utmost care for, and during this time of COVID-19 lockdown, it is important for both the cancer patients and the doctors to focus on the right modalities. It is important to maintain social distancing for cancer patients, and the treating oncologists should also ensure that sufficient hygienic measures are considered.



Eventually, cancer patients and caregivers have to realise that managing cancer treatment during this COVID-19 lockdown may place them in the situation to decide between their travel and other conditions, and through a tele-consultation with your treating oncologist, you can decide among the best steps you have to take for the treatment modalities to proceed.

Learn more about managing your oesophageal cancer treatment during this COVID-19 lockdown.

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