Gefitinib (Trade name: Iressa) – Chemotherapy Drug Used In Lung Cancer Treatment

Gefitinib is a targeted cancer drug and belongs to the class of Signal transduction inhibitor. It is available under the trade name Iressa. It is a selective inhibitor of EGFR tyrosine kinase. this inhibition results in blocking of various processes like proliferation, growth, metastasis etc.

Picture of Gefitinib

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Availability, Dosage and Administration of Etoposide

Gefitinib can be taken orally by the patient as it is available in a tablet form. If patients find it difficult to swallow it can be dissolved in a glass of water taken. Food does not affect drug absorption.


It is available in the tablet form with the dose strength of 250mg.


250mg tablet/day


This drug is approved by FDA for the treatment of metastatic Non-small cell lung cancer, whose tumors have EGFR exon 19 deletions or exon 21 substitution as detected by FDA approved test.

Side effects

If you experience side effects with Gefitinib endure that you contact your health care professional immediately. The common side effects are:

  • Elevation in blood pressure, especially in hypertensive patients.
  • Itching, dry skin
  • Loss of appetite
  • Nausea, vomiting-mild
  • Mucositis
  • Conjunctivitis,corneal erosion. abnormal eyelash growth.

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