Non-small cell lung cancer and Types (NSCLC)

What is non-small cell lung cancer?

Non-small cell lung cancer is a kind of epithelial lung cancer that constitutes about 80% of the lung cancer cases. The main treatment given for non-small lung cancer is surgery as it is insensitive to chemotherapy. Non-small cell lung cancer is further classified into four different types.
Visual representation of lungs where the infected area is highlighted


Adenocarcinoma forms the mucus-producing glands and is the most common type of cancer that is seen in women and non-smokers. This kind if cancer is also known to be centrally located.

Bronchi alveolar carcinoma

This type of cancer forms near the air sacs of the lungs

Squamous cell carcinoma

Squamous cell carcinoma forms in the lining of the bronchial tubes. This kind if cancer is also very closely related to tobacco smoking and us more common in men than in women.

Large cell carcinoma

Large cell carcinomas form near the outer edges or surface of the lungs. This type of cancer is less common as it is a undifferentiated type of malignant neoplasms and its forms mainly in the transformed epithelial cells of the lung.

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