Treatment of Recurrent Brain Tumor

What happens if the tumor returns

Some brain tumors are totally relieved with the first round of treatment. Others will return eventually after they were first treated.

The doctor will be able to the following on further consultation:

  1. monitor the development for some time
  2. help to control the indications of the tumor

Picture of a nurse giving medication to a patient of brain cancer

Settling on treatment

The treatment plan will be made exclusively by your multidisciplinary group which will rely upon:

  1. the kind of tumor
  2. the grade and stage of the tumor
  3. the treatment the patient has just had
  4. whether the tumor includes spread inside the cerebrum or spinal string
  5. how fast it is growing
  6. The patient’s general health



Surgery is a primary treatment modality which attempts to remove as much of the tumor as possible.

In a few cases, it isn’t likely that surgery will help. For instance, if there are a few new brain tumors or if the tumor is presently developing rapidly. It may not be worth putting you through further cerebrum surgery if the tumor is probably going to develop back rapidly a short time later.


It may be possible to have radiotherapy if:​

The patient has not had radiotherapy previously
It has occurred a long time since the first tumor


Chemotherapy is possible if the brain tumor returns. Regardless of whether the patient was administered chemotherapy treatment previously, there might be another medication or blend of medications that can be administered.

Clinical trials

Specialists need to enhance medicines for individuals whose brain tumor has returned. Consulting with the specialist in the event that you are keen on participating in a clinical preliminary. They can examine through whether there is a reasonable trial for different cases


Discovering that the brain tumor has returned can be stunning and disquieting. A few people find that discussing how they are feeling makes a difference. Care groups, emotional support from family and friends can substantially help patients.

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