Prevention Of Brain Cancer

A few lifestyle choices and preferences can help avoid the risk of developing brain tumor . Besides radiation exposure, there is no known cause of brain tumor that is foolproof. However, research has it that general immunity building lifestyle and environmental changes are mandatory. They are:

Picture of a doctor helping the patient prevent brain cancer

Radiation therapy must be avoided.

If the doctors conclude that the benefits outweigh the risk of developing a brain tumor it can may be given. Generally, pregnant women and children do not get imaging tests like X-rays and CT scans unless the doctors prescribe it.

2. Sleep.

Long-term sleep disruptions may increase the risk of developing cancer.

3. No tobacco.

Staying away from tobacco is probably the best health decision one can make to live a better life. Even exposure to secondhand smoke can affect the body’s general functioning. Furthermore, smoking causes various brain, lung, mouth, laryngeal, pancreatic, bladder, and cervical cancers.

4. Eating right.

Limiting the intake of processed foods, alcohol, salt, and sugars is a good start. Eating vegetables and fruits as well as avoiding obesity are healthy lifestyle routines.

5. Maintaining a safe weight.

As a general goal, there must be at least 30 minutes of physical activity in your daily routine. Exercising per se wards off many disorders and keeps the body going at its optimal best.

6. Protection from the sun.

Avoiding direct rays of sun is also important. Furthermore, use generous amounts of sun protection formulas and avoid tanning lamps and sunlamps (they are just as hazardous as sunlight).

7. Immunization.

Talk to your doctor and check your health chart for any vaccines that you might have missed. Stay proactively secured against diseases is a good forethought.

8. Regular health check-ups.

Self-examinations and screenings are important to stay alert and away from any unforeseen health issues.

9. Knowing your risks and family history.

It is better to be safe than sorry. Stay aware about your genetic history so you can combat any disease before it is too late.

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