Implants Used in Brain Tumor Treatment

There are more than one type of implants used in the treatment of brain tumor. Some are surgical while the other is a part of radiation therapy.

Picture of a patient after brain cancer treatment

Surgical Implants

The primary treatment modality for brain cancer is surgery and the following are surgical implants:

A. Shunt: Here a thin tube (called a shunt) is placed in into a ventricle of the brain, through a small hole in the skull. This device moves excess fluid from the brain to another part of the body, such as the abdominal cavity, where it’s absorbed into the bloodstream. A filter catches stray tumor cells that may be in the cerebral spinal fluid (CSF). This procedure can help relieve pressure in the skull
B. Placement of an Ommaya Reservoir: During this brain cancer surgery, a small reservoir attached to a tube under the scalp is implanted. The tubing leads into a ventricle of the brain where the CSF circulates, allowing us to deliver chemotherapy to the brain and CSF, or to remove fluid for biopsy. The reservoir can be removed when it’s no longer needed.

Radiation Implants

Brachytherapy is a kind of treatment for cancers, it puts a radiation appropriately close to the disease tissue. Little radioactive inserts are put into or close to the cerebrum tumor amid surgery. They are otherwise called seeds or pellets. This type of treatment is additionally called interstitial radiation. Brachytherapy is not utilized as regularly as outside radiation to treat cerebrum tumors.

Dangers of brachytherapy

Dangers include:

  1. Contamination
  2. Seizures
  3. Cerebral pain
  4. Death of close-by tissue (corruption)
  5. Brain swelling

The patient may be awake during this procedure. Provided that this is true, nearby anesthesia may numb the area on the head. Or on the other hand a general anesthesia may be given.

Thin cylinders (catheters) might be set into little gaps in your skull. The radioactive seeds are sent through the catheters into the tumor. The catheters might be evacuated immediately. Or on the other hand they might be left set up until the point that the seeds are evacuated.

The seeds may emit a low dimension of radiation. Guests may need to wear lead smocks or vests. And the patient may need to wear a head protector or stay in the protected room.

A few kinds of low-portion seeds are left set up a couple of months or for all time. These seeds may should be set amid open mind medical procedure (craniotomy).

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