Radiation Oncologist Dr AK Anand talks about the what, how and why about breast cancer

by Team Onco

Onco.com is pleased to feature an interview with Dr AK Anand who is a senior radiation oncologist with an expertise in head and neck cancers, thoracic cancer, brain tumors and prostate cancer. As a member of many Indian and International oncology associations such as Delhi Medical Council, Indian Society of Oncology, American Society of Radiation Oncology, Association of Radiation Oncologist of India, etc., he gives veteran information on one of the primary women cancers, breast cancer.


Breast cancer is when cells in the breast grow and multiply uncontrollably. In this interview, Dr Anand handles both straightforward and tricky questions with similar ease. Some of the questions he answers in this video are:

  1. What are the different types of breast cancers today?

2.     What are different treatment modalities that exist in all these stages of breast cancer?

3.    How to cope with cancer?

4. What are some of the complications that are exhibited when patient undergoes radiation treatment?

5.  Is a second opinion required for cancer patients?

Dr Anand does not hesitate in encouraging patients from getting a second opinion if it helps them to navigate to centers of better expertise which may be more equipped than the ones they visited before. He stunningly debunks myths about breast cancer that are widely considered true and ends the interview with the reassuring message that it is the health professional’s job always to “try [and] mitigate [the patient’s] apprehension.’

Watch the full video to hear it straight from the Dr Anand.

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