Bladder Cancer Surgery Complications

Side effects of TURBT

The side effects of TURBT are generally mild and don’t usually last long. After TURBT there might be bleeding and pain when the patient urinates. They may be discharged from the hospital the very same day or the next day. Normal activities may resume within a week or two.

Bladder Cancer Other Treatment Options - - Thumbnail ImageBladder cancer often recurs in other parts of the bladder despite a TURBT. This can be treated with another TURBT. But if repetition of the procedure is carried out multiple times, the bladder is susceptible to scars and may lose its ability to retain urine. This may cause side effects like incontinence or frequent urges to use the washroom.

For patient with recurrent and non-invasive low-grade tumors which are slow-growing tumors and tumors that keep coming back, the surgeon may advice fulguration to burn small tumors that are seen during cystoscopy instead of removing them. This can often be done using local anesthesia. This is safe but it may cause mild discomfort.

Risks and side effects of cystectomy

Cystectomy of any type may ensue side effects as do other major surgeries. Problems after surgery for bladder cancer may include:

  • Reactions to anesthesia
  • Bleeding
  • Blood clots in the legs or lungs
  • Damage to nearby organs
  • Infection

Pain after the surgery may be treated with painkillers.

Effects of cystectomy on urination

If the patient has had a partial cystectomy, it might be limited to having to go more often as the bladder cannot hold as much urine).

If the patient has had a radical cystectomy, they will need reconstructive surgery to create a new way for urine to be eliminated from the body. Depending on the type of reconstruction, the patient might need to learn how to empty their urostomy bag or put a catheter into your stoma. Besides these changes, the urinary diversion and urostomy can also lead to:

  • Infections
  • Urine leaks
  • Incontinence
  • Narrowing of stoma
  • Pouch stones
  • Blockage of urine flow
  • Absorption problems
  • Sexual and fertility problems

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