Onco Round Table: Advice for Cancer Patients and Caregivers during COVID-19 Lockdown?

by Team Onco

The world over, people are stressed, concerned, and anxious about the current state of affairs owing to the coronavirus outbreak. Cancer patients, in particular, are advised to be more vigilant as they are considered to be at higher risks in catching the virus due to their compromised immunity caused by stringent treatment procedures.

During these times, while the continuing treatment for cancer is dependent on the stage and type of cancer, it is also of prime priority to manage the anxiety and mental wellness. Leading oncologists provide advice for patients and caregivers when speaking about the impact of COVID-19 on cancer treatment.

What is the overall impact of COVID-19 in managing treatments?



Managing anxiety during the COVID-19 lockdown


Advice for caregivers of COVID-19 patients



What can cancer patients and caregivers expect post lockdown?



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