Possible Complication Arising Out of Liver Cancer Surgery

Surgery is known as the best treatment option that can cure liver cancer. However, surgery can be done in patients who have early stages of liver cancer. Surgery like any other treatment has its complications or side effects. surgery for liver cancer is a major surgery and the person must be healthy enough. Liver cancer surgery has risks involved and these risks include:

Picture of a patient being distressed by liver cancer

  • Pneumonia
  • Bleeding
  • Blood clots in the leg or lungs
  • Reactions to anesthesia
  • Damage to nearby organs
  • Liver Failure

Along with the risks involved, liver cancer surgery can have complications like:

Infection is a special concern in people who have had a liver transplant surgery because medicines have to be taken by them to suppress the immune system to keep it from fighting the donors liver. Apart from infections being very serious, these medicines have their own side effects too.

Excessive bleeding:
Bleeding is known to be a possible complication with any kind of surgery. The risk if excessive bleeding is even higher in the case of liver cancer surgery because there is a lot of blood that passes through the liver. The liver is also known as the agent that makes clotting factors that helps clot blood at time of an injury and liver cancer surgery can sometime affect this function too.

Rejection of the donors liver:
After the liver transplant surgery, the person is given certain types of medication that helps suppress the immune system so that it does not resist the donors liver but in some cases even after these medications are taken, the immune system can damage the new liver.

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