Treatment of Stage 4 Liver Cancer

The kind of treatment that is given for this stage depends on a number of factors like, in which cells the cancer started, where the cancer is present and the overall health of the person.

Visual representation of a liver being infected by cancer

Stage 4 liver cancer, is the most advanced state of liver cancer and is also known as metastatic liver cancer. At this stage treatment will not be able to cure the cancer but it is given to relive the patients symptoms. The treatment given for stage 4 liver cancer are:

Biological therapy

Biological therapy is known as a treatment that acts on the different processes in the cells. This treatment can even change the way cells signal each other sometimes and they can even stimulate the body to attack cancer cells or control the growth of them.
At this stage, a kind of biological therapy known as sorafenib may be given to control the growth of the cancer.


Usually chemotherapy is not very helpful in HCC. The only aim if chemotherapy given at this stage is to lower the symptoms and slow down the growth of cancer. Chemotherapy has limited benefits for people with hepatocellular cancer and may even cause severe side effects for those with cirrhosis.

Treatment for metastatic liver cancer

Advanced or metastatic liver cancer has spread to the lymph nodes or other organs and because these cancers are wide spread they can not be treated with surgery.
If the patient’s liver is functioning well, targeted therapy might be started and if the targeted therapy drugs used don’t work, immunotherapy might be started. Radiation might also be given to to relieve pain and symptomatic relief.

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