Frequently asked questions

How can Onco help me?
I have already started my cancer treatment, can Onco still help me?
How many cancer specialists are a part of the Onco network?
Which cities is Onco present at?
How does Onco ensure high quality treatment and care?
How do I know if I am on the best treatment for my cancer?
At which stage of cancer do patients seek help from Onco?
Which types of cancer does Onco address?
What are Onco Cancer Centres?
Why should I consider getting chemotherapy from Onco Cancer Centres?
Is there an Onco Cancer Centre in my city?
Why should I consider subscribing to Onco Care Plus?
How can I save on treatment costs through Onco?
How can I book any service from Onco?
What payment methods are accepted by Onco?
How is Onco's second opinion different?
I want a second opinion from Onco but I want to continue my treatment with my present medical team. Is that possible?
Will there be anyone to help me at the hospital?
What is the process for getting a second opinion?
Will your diet plan consider my other illnesses like diabetes, hypertension etc? What about my allergies and food preferences?
Can you deliver medicines to my location?
I have a specific query that is not listed above? How can I get an answer from Onco?
Where can I download the free Onco app?
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