Frequently asked questions aims to validate the treatment that cancer patients receive globally, by connecting them with specialists in oncology over an affordable, easy-to-use online platform. We prioritize the needs of both early & advanced-stage cancer patients, by empowering them with an unbiased opinion from an expert oncologist, or a panel of oncologists (located in India, Singapore and the United States). While recently diagnosed patients can get help on suggested treatment routes, patients undergoing therapy or on the verge of signing up for a procedure can also evaluate their options with us. Get started by filling out a simple form on the home page.
While hospitals may have a commercial incentive to promote specific treatment procedures, does not have a similar revenue stream. We don’t recommend treatment clinics or hospitals - our job & consequently our priority, is to connect patients with the right specialists, and to provide them with an accurate and unbiased analysis of their treatment plan, with a detailed & personalized report on their condition. We ensure that every report is aligned with internationally accepted standards and protocols.
Irrespective of the stage of your cancer-diagnosis, a careful analysis of your condition and an unbiased review of your treatment plan can go a long way in ensuring that you receive the right treatment, consequently increasing the chances of your recovery and survival.’s services are available for both recently diagnosed patients as well as those in advanced stages of diagnosis, so that you no longer need to be apprehensive about prohibitive medical/travel costs when it comes to seeking a qualified second opinion.
The partner network features some of the best cancer-minds of the world, including but not limited to oncologists from the United States & Singapore, who are affiliated to renowned centres of medical excellence such as Harvard MGH, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer center, MD Anderson, Hackensack Meridian health, HCG, Max hospitals, BGS hospitals and Continental hospitals.
Get started on by filling up a simple form on our homepage. Post this, a care representative will contact you within 24 hours to collect your medical history. We will then proceed to communicate with an oncologist best-suited for your cancer history, and once their recommendation/second opinion is available, we will share it with you as an easy-to-understand case summary.
After receiving all necessary documentation & payments, our case summary will be made available to you within 2-3 business days.
As part of our standard documentation, we ask for the patient’s latest imaging reports (MRIs/CT scans, etc), histopathology reports (if a biopsy has been performed), any prior hospital discharge summaries, and a list of all medication that the patient is currently on.
A report consists of the following segments:
  1. An introduction to the oncologist (The doctor’s professional credentials).
  2. A brief summary to the patient’s medical history.
  3. Review/Recommendation from our experts, on the existing treatment plan.
  4. A comprehensive review of past treatment procedures.
  5. International scientific guidelines.
While both domestic and international oncologists on our network are specialists in their own domain, it has been observed that international oncologists usually have a higher level of exposure towards scientific advancements in the field of cancer research, including experimental drugs, clinical trials and cutting edge therapies, since they are located in the United States & Singapore.
In complex scenarios/stages of advanced cancer progression/metastasis, it is usually a medical best practice to consult multiple specialists such as neurologists, radiologists, surgical oncologists, etc - to provide a holistic and accurate stance on any ongoing treatment route. makes this possible with the option to get a consultation from a multidisciplinary panel/tumor board.
At, we are focused on providing best-in-class unbiased consultations from some of the best minds in the world. The online consultation fee is majorly utilized to compensate/remunerate our oncologists across the world, to ensure that our consultation quality never fails to meet the needs of our patients.
Your case summary includes the doctor’s professional credentials and a basic introduction to them. There are easy provisions to contact your oncologist directly for any follow-up questions that you might have. Under special circumstances, the team can also help you in scheduling an in-person appointment with the concerned doctor.
Our data reveals that most users are family members or friends of cancer patients. We understand that you want to do as much as possible to help your loved ones in their battle against cancer, and we request that you get access to all relevant medical data to help you get started, and a declaration of consent from the patient in concern.
Historically speaking, this is unprecedented (We have a 100% satisfaction rate). However, we’re completely supportive of a refund/new opinion if you’re not happy with the original opinion.
Physical Couriers/Snail Mail are accepted at, but we recommend sending scanned copies over email/Whatsapp, since it saves transit time and helps us in sourcing an expert’s opinion faster. is not involved in the dissemination of homeopathy/ayurvedic/alternative therapeutic advice. We provide exclusively allopathic treatment recommendations and opinions, sourced through accredited and experienced medical/surgical oncologists.