Implants Used in Bone Cancer Surgery

How Do Implants In Bone Cancer Treatment Work?

Implants in bone cancer treatment are devices that are used to replace or support damaged parts of the body. Commonly, surgeons use pins, screws, plates and metal rods. Usually, they comprise of plastic, stainless steel, titanium, or ceramic. Metallic implants have a plastic lining to serve as artificial cartilage. Recently, 3D titanium/plastic implant printing machine has revolutionized the surgical treatment. These machines can print or make the same size of the implant as the defect is.

Implants in bone cancer treatment

Who needs implants?

Bone cancer may weaken the bones, and primary bones require orthopedic implants. Consequently, patients with primary bone cancers might need orthopedic implants.

Wear and Tear

Implants and false bones rarely break. However, plastic surfaces of bones may become worn and need replacing or strengthening in younger patients.

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