Early Signs And Symptoms Of Bone Cancer

What are the symptoms of bone cancer?

A symptom is a physical feature apparent to an individual that indicates a condition of the disease. The signs and symptoms of bone cancer are:

signs and symptoms of bone cancer

Pain in the affected bone

One of the earliest signs is a pain in the affected area. It may progress to a severe condition during metastasis.


The affected area may develop swelling and lumps, indicating the gene defects and cancer cell spreading.


Brittleness of bones on account of other medical conditions needs to be screened and investigated by a doctor as it may be a sign of bone cancer.

Cancer in spinal bones can cause numbness or a tingling sensation

Neural tracts in the spine may cause discomfort due to unexplained sensations along the affected area.

It may cause weight loss and fatigue

Lack of bone health can cause deterioration in weight and fatigue.

Problems during movement

Bone cancer around the joints may especially cause difficulty in movement.

Other symptoms

Spreading to the lungs may cause difficulty in breathing and may develop as other cancers if it has spread to other organs.

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