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What is MRI Scan?

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), is an imaging scan that gives detailed and clear images of the inside of the body. An MRI scan helps doctors to diagnose various medical conditions, and monitor and assess the efficacy of treatments. Instead of X-rays, MRI uses radio waves and a large magnet along with a computer to get the images. This scan can be performed on any part of the body including breasts, bones and joints, brain and spinal cord, heart, blood vessels, liver, womb, prostate, etc.


How to Book an MRI Scan in Hyderabad?

Cost of an MRI Scan in Hyderabad

The prices of an MRI scan may vary depending on the hospitals, medical facilities, expertise, body part to be scanned, etc. However, the average cost of an MRI in Hyderabad will be around INR 2500 to INR 18,000.


Factors that Impact the Cost of Chemotherapy in Hyderabad

Chemotherapy is available at higher costs and lower costs depending on the type of drug. The choice of drug depends on your cancer type and stage, your general health, and your affordability too. Ask your doctor about the available chemotherapy options within your budget.

On average, the cost of chemotherapy in Hyderabad ranges between INR 4,000 to INR 40,000 per session.

Sometimes, chemotherapy is given before or after surgery or in combination with other treatment modalities like radiotherapy, targeted therapy, etc. This may urther increase the final cost.

Patient Factors

Treatment Factors

Medical Factors

Pre-treatment costs

Post-treatment Costs

Compare the costs of MRI scans in India with Hyderabad:

Cost In India (INR) Cost In Hyderabad (INR)
Starting price
Average price
Maximum price

 (Note: The displayed cost values are intended to provide an understanding to the public. The final cost for your treatment will be determined only after consultation with the Doctor. But if you want to know the approximate cost, especially for your case, contact us at 8008575405 and we will give you an estimate.)


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Procedure of MRI Scan

MRI scan is a safe and painless procedure. If you have claustrophobia (fear of enclosed places), you may feel a little discomfort. But your doctor will help you manage this fear. However, an MRI scan is not recommended for you if you have any metal implants like pacemakers or artificial joints.
Before MRI Scan:

During MRI Scan:

After MRI Scan:

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Frequently Asked Questions

If a CT scan is not giving sufficient information, then your doctor may recommend an MRI scan. Mainly, for cancers of the cervix and bladder, MRI helps to detect how deeper the tumours have grown and how far they have spread. Depending on the situation, your doctor will recommend the right imaging scan, either CT or MRI, for your cancer testing.


Full body MRI scan is called a whole-body MRI. It helps to detect cancer metastases when it has grown and spread to distant areas. An MRI and a CT scan are imaging techniques that can be done for whole-body to check for cancer.


An MRI scan of the brain to detect cancer can typically cost between INR 3000 to INR 10,000 in India, and in Hyderabad, an MRI scan will cost you between INR 3,300 to INR 12,000. You can get an MRI scan at top laboratories in your nearby centres at discounted prices by booking through us.


In India, an MRI usually costs around INR 2000 to INR 25,000 and in Hyderabad, an MRI scan cost ranges between INR 3000 to INR 18,500. This cost may vary depending on the diagnostic centre facilities, location, medical expertise, body part to be scanned, etc.


The machine involved in taking an MRI scan is very expensive and it requires expertise to operate it. They consume a lot of electricity and a patient may sometimes need to be injected with a contrast material. All these factors impact the cost of an MRI scan. However, most insurance companies are covering the costs of an MRI scan.


The magnetic field involved in an MRI scan produces a loud noise, which may cause hearing problems if proper ear protection is not used. You can also face a twitching sensation, the body may heat up due to radiofrequency energy, allergic reactions if contrast agents are used, claustrophobia, and make sure that no metal objects such as keys, mobile, etc entered into the magnetic field during an MRI.


You can get an MRI scan at a discounted price by booking through us. Additionally, you can get our care manager support constantly. You can opt for our subscription programme, Onco Care Plus, to get any diagnostic tests at a discount of up to 35%.


CT scan uses ionizing radiation that may damage DNA while an MRI scan takes place without the use of ionizing radiation. So, there are fewer side effects from MRI compared to a CT scan and is considered safe. CT scan is cheaper than an MRI. However, most insurance companies are now covering 80% of the costs of imaging scans.


If the mass or tumour in your body is determined as cancer by your doctor, then further tests may be recommended. These tests include imaging scans, blood tests, organ functioning tests, or even a biopsy to understand your case completely. Based on the results, your doctor will prepare a personalised treatment plan or else refer you to the right oncologist.


MRI is a painless procedure. There is no need of taking anaesthesia or any other painkillers. However, if you have claustrophobia (fear of dark and enclosed spaces), inform your doctor before scanning. Your doctor may give you mild sedatives to relax without fear during the procedure.


People having metal implants, pacemakers, or any other implanted devices are not eligible to get an MRI. Because an MRI scan involves powerful magnets to scan the person. In such cases of ineligibility, a CT scan is recommended.