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What is Brain Cancer?

When the cells of the brain grow abnormally, brain tumours develop. Primary brain tumours arise in the brain whereas secondary brain tumours develop when cancer has begun in other parts of the body and has spread to the brain. Primary brain tumours are a result of DNA mutations in the brain cells. These brain tumours can be cancerous (malignant) or non-cancerous (benign). The location of a brain tumour and its growth rate determines its effect on the nervous system. Brain tumours can spread through the CSF to distant parts of the brain or spine.


Our Team of Top Brain Cancer Specialists in Hyderabad

Dr. Amit Jotwani

CoFounder,CMO,Chief Oncologist

 MD (Radiotherapy), FHPRT, SBRT(Netherlands), AMPH

Dr. Shikhar Kumar

MD, DNB,DM – Medical oncology, ECMO

MD (Radiotherapy), FHPRT, SBRT(Netherlands), AMPH

Dr. Rakesh Shankar Goud

MBBS, DNB-Radiation Oncology

MD (Radiotherapy), FHPRT, SBRT(Netherlands), AMPH

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Signs and Symptoms of Brain Cancer


Consult an neuro-oncologist and Get Examined

Diagnostic Tests for Brain Cancer in Hyderabad

Neurological exam: Your doctor evaluates several neurological functions such as hearing ability, vision, ability to balance, etc.

Brain scans: These imaging scans help doctors to accurately diagnose brain cancer and to plan the treatment. Usually, MRI and CT scans are preferred to obtain detailed images of the brain.

Biopsy: A biopsy is useful for finding the grade of a brain tumour. This grade gives information about how severe the brain tumour is and also helps to get the most personalised treatment. If your doctor feels the biopsy is not safe, they will prepare your treatment plan based on the other diagnostic test results.

These diagnostic tests are primarily performed. Other tests may also be done based on your specific symptoms. Such tests include; neurocognitive assessment, lumbar puncture, endocrinological evaluation, neuro-ophthalmological examination, and electroencephalography (EEG).

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Advanced Procedures for Brain Cancer Treatment In Hyderabad

Surgery for Brain Tumour:

Surgery is done either to remove the tumour completely or remove partially if the brain tumour is near any sensitive areas. Other treatments like chemotherapy or radiation therapy will be given for the rest of the brain tumour. A neurosurgeon is the right doctor to perform brain surgeries through any of the below procedures:

If surgery is not possible, Doctor will recommend Chemotherapy, Radiation therapy, Stereotactic Radiosurgery to destroy the tumour.

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Cost of Brain Cancer Treatment in Hyderabad

The cost of Brain cancer treatment may vary depending on hospital facilities, medical expertise, pre-treatment costs (consultations, blood tests, and scans), type of treatment you are receiving, and post-treatment costs (follow-up consultation for periodic checks including tests, scans, rehabilitation, and medications).

To know the cost details for your Brain cancer, you can call us at 8008575405 and we will give you an estimate

Approximately, the cost of Brain cancer treatment in Hyderabad ranges from INR 3,50,000 to INR 7,50,000.

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Clinical Experience & Patient Stories

We are always pleased to hear positive feedback about Onco Cancer Centres. Here are some of the testimonials we’ve received from our Patients

Based on 97 reviews
Rhuthvik Rhuthvik
Rhuthvik Rhuthvik
A massive place to fight with cancer Dr.Amith sir and Dr.Shikhar sir are the god gifts to the patients who suffering from cancer. The nature in the clinic was so pleasent we don't feel that we are in hospital any time in the day 24/7 doctors available in phone calls.And people in the clinic are so friendly please do visit this clinic you will save your valuable money and time and better option to fight with cancer.Don't rome here and there for cancer treatment
zeeshan ali
zeeshan ali
The best cancer clinic in hyderabad. Dr. Amit and Dr. Shikhar are one of the most experienced oncos available. My father has esopheagul cancer. They gave a tremendous treatment regimen. Very sympathetic and highly transparent in their approach and absolutely non commercial. Their new infrastructure idea of giving chemo therapy with an ambience of recliners, open view and foot massages is really great. You dont feel like you are in a hospital at all, that really helps the patients psych. The really awesome thing about this centre is the senior doctors are available on call any time of the day. And when I say anytime. Really anytime of the day. I would definitely recommend this to every one looking for a cancer treatment, especially for people who are soectical of the big hospital infra and where patients are just numbers with no personal touch involved.
bunt y
bunt y
That a a great consulting Dr. Suneel koushik. He has explained everything in a clear manner and the follow up done by Praveen was great. Narsing Rao this man has taken care everything and give the best service from stepping inside the hospital till we mobe out. Thank you everyone and thank you ONCO Omini kothapet.
Rap0lu Narsingrao
Rap0lu Narsingrao
We came here for the surgery and surgery was do Dr.suneel sir t was successfully done very happy before surgery what ever we heard regarding quality and caring by the onco cancer center it was prooved we have seen here at omni kothapet thanks to onco cancer team we comple satisfied
mohammed waliuddin
mohammed waliuddin
Good patient care and hospitality, doctor consult was good.
Sundeep Kailwoo
Sundeep Kailwoo
Dr. Shikhar Kumar was patient and detailed in his diagnosis and recommending the next course of actions . really appreciate the services provided by Onco cancer care gachobowli
sai kumar
sai kumar
We are very satisfied with the service....we have done 1st cycle of chemo treatment at Omni hospital by Dr suboore by the onco cancer centre it was really very nice and we are happy to take treatment under such care...we are heard by the person Also from onco cancer centre people are getting Quality and caring and there could be a teamwork by onco Cancer center...So finally we are very satisfied from my end will refer to other persons to onco cancer centre at Omni hospitals kothapet...Thank you
Bhaskar. T
Bhaskar. T
I'm suffering from stage 4 castration resistant Prostate carcinoma. Dr. Shikar Kumar sir explained us very well about the treatment plan and options. The main appreciable thing is the time taken by him to explain everything and answer the doubts patiently with empathetic approach. He and the staff would also call through phone to remind about the additional care that has to be taken at home and inquire about any side effects. Though this condition is incurable, effort for progression-free survival along with the quality of life is more important and Dr. Shikar sir has been very helpful in this along with palliative care. Thank you very much sir. And the chemotherapy cycles were given in such a delightful environment, with convertible sofa chair and large window view from 5th floor, that it feels more like home than hospital.
Shankar Reddy
Shankar Reddy
Dear Shikar sir, I would like to appreciate your efforts and uncompromised professionalism when my family needed the most. You are truly a gentleman and sophisticated doctor with a sensitive human touch. Thanks for looking after us. Your team is expectional .

Frequently Asked Questions on Brain Cancer Treatment In Hyderabad

For most brain tumours, surgery is the best option. In Hyderabad, you can get optimal surgery with advanced technologies at Onco Cancer Centres. In addition to surgery, doctors may also recommend radiotherapy or chemotherapy. You can get the complete details of your condition including the best treatment option for you through Onco’s multidisciplinary panel of cancer experts.

In general, surgery is the prefered option for early-stage brain tumours. In cases where a tumour has spread to other areas of the brain and body, whole-brain radiation therapy is chosen. Other than that, chemotherapy and targeted therapy are also available.

Brain cancer is described in grades i.e., grades 1 to 4, rather than stages. The higher the grade, the more invasive the brain cancer. In grade 4 brain cancer, tumour cells are more abnormal and can spread rapidly throughout the brain and other parts of the body.

Like all surgeries, brain surgery also carries some complications like bleeding, increased risk of infections, or undesired effects of anaesthesia. Compared to these risks, the benefits are satisfactory since surgery is the most preferable option for brain cancer. Some people do not need any treatment other than surgery. Highly trained and experienced surgeons perform the surgery and also prescribe necessary medications to deal with side effects.

Chemotherapy uses powerful anti-cancer medicines to kill cancer cells. Chemo can be given in combination with surgery or radiation therapy to effectively treat brain cancer. It has the ability to cure early-stage brain cancers. But for final-stage brain cancer, chemo can be used to suppress the growth of cancer cells and to expand the life of a patient.

Span of brain cancer treatment depends on the type of treatment you receive. Brain cancer surgery lasts 2 to 7 hours followed by continuous monitoring. Chemotherapy is given in 5 to 6 cycles and one cycle lasts for 28 days. So, it takes around 2 to 6 months. Radiotherapy is offered in one to five sessions and one session will be around 15 minutes to 2 hours and you can go home on the same day.

Surgery is the primary or the only option for many types of brain tumours. If the patient is unfit for surgery, chemotherapy or radiotherapy will be chosen. An advanced type of radiotherapy, namely stereotactic radiosurgery is available for the effective treatment of brain cancer.

Stage 4 brain cancer can be referred to as grade 4 brain cancer. Since grade 4 brain cancer is very aggressive, the five-year survival rate is. These survival rates differ from case to case depending on the tumour’s location and size. So, ask your treating doctor about your life expectancy.

Brain tumours are of several types and each type doesn’t grow quickly. Only grade 3 and grade 4 tumours may grow fast and spread quickly. In most cases, primary brain cancers are less likely to spread beyond the nervous system.

Early-stage brain cancer is possible to cure with surgery. But this cure rate also depends on the tumour’s location, size, and grade. If a brain tumour is near a sensitive region of the brain, it cannot be surgically removed. So, whole brain radiotherapy is chosen to treat the brain tumour to the maximum. Ask your doctor about your brain cancer and how treatable it is.

According to the National Brain Tumour Society, the average five-year survival rate for malignant brain tumours is 35.6%. This survival rate is influenced by many factors such as the patient’s age, tumour type and grade. Younger adults under the age of 40 and patients with low-grade brain cancer can expect a survival rate of up to 5 years after treatment. These stats may not apply to all as they vary from patient to patient. Your doctor can estimate your survival considering your specific case details. Many advanced treatments are available these days to effectively treat brain tumours and to increase the life span.

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