What Is Stage 2 Ovarian Cancer?

In stage 2 of ovarian cancer, the tumor has spread to one or both ovaries and other organs and areas like uterus, bladder, sigmoid colon, or rectum. In this stage, cancer has not spread to nearby lymph nodes or other distant sites. Stage 2 ovarian cancer also has two subtypes which are:

Photograph of doctor holding a 3d scale model of the ovaries, to explain stage 2 ovarian cancerStage IIA

At this stage, cancer has spread or grown into the ovaries or uterus of fallopian tubes. However, it has not spread to the nearby lymph nodes or distant areas.

Stage IIB

After a diagnosis of stage II B, doctors see that cancer has spread into nearby pelvic regions like the bladder, rectum, or sigmoid colon. Cancer has also not spread to the nearby lymph nodes or distant sites.

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