Dr. Pragnya Chigurupati - Breast Surgeon

Dr. Pragnya Chigurupati

Breast Surgeon

Trained at: Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumbai
Dr. Pragnya Chigurupati - Breast Surgeon


MS-General Surgery


Breast Cancer

Practicing at:

American Oncology Institute, Hyderabad


3 Years

Organ Specialization


  • Chigurupati, Pragnya, Vishnukumar Venkatesan, Manuneethimaran Thiyagarajan, A. Vikram, and Kaundinya Kiran. “Sacrococcygeal Chordoma Presenting as a Retro Rectal Tumor.” International Journal of Surgery Case Reports 5, no. 10 (August 12, 2014): 714–16.
  • Title: Lipoma Like Liposarcoma :Authors: Dr.Pragnya Chigurupati, Dr.Manuneethimaran Thiyagarajan, Dr.Rubina Singh, Dr. Shalinee Rao, Prof.A.Vikram -Paper Index 12.2014- 6449193
  • A case series of Bowel Evisceration- its management-Journal of medical science and clinical research-JMSCR Vol.||03||Issue||06||Page 6254- 6259||June Dr.Pragnya Chigurupati,Dr.ManuneethimaranThiyagarajan, Dr.Naveen Alexander, Dr.VishnukumarVenkatesan, Dr.Rubina Singh, Prof.A.Vikram Department of General Surgery
  • A Rare case of Nonfunctioning Pancreatic Neuroendocrine Tumor and its surgical management- Dr Mauneethimaran Thiyagarajan, Dr Pragnya Chigurupati, Dr Rubina Singh-JMSCR- Volume||2||Issue||11||Page 3031- 3036||November-2014
  • A Rare giant gynecomastia and an abnormal 46XY 15ps+ karyotype in a 15 year old boy-a case report- Dr Manuneethimaran Thiyagarajan, Dr Pragnya Chigurupati, Dr Balaji Singh-Edorium J Surg 2014: 1:10-13
  • Retrospective audit and literature review of Internal Mammary Lymph Node Dissection in the management of breast cancer (manuscript in process of publication)


  • 11484Telangana Medical Council


  • M.S General Surgery (Sri Ramachandra University, Chennai)
  • MRCS (Royal college of surgeons Edinburgh,UK)
  • HBNI Fellow in Breast oncology (Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumbai),
  • UHNM Breast oncoplastic fellowship (Royal stoke university hospital, United Kingdom)

Frequently asked questions

Where can I meet Dr. Pragnya Chigurupati for consultation?

Dr. Pragnya Chigurupati visits American Oncology Institute , Hyderabad. The doctor also provides teleconsultation via Onco.com. You can call 7996579965 7996579965 for this service.

How can I get an appointment with Dr. Pragnya Chigurupati?

You can book a priority appointment with Dr. Pragnya Chigurupati through us. Request a call back or call us on 7996579965 7996579965 .

What is Dr. Pragnya Chigurupati’s speciality?

Dr. Pragnya Chigurupati specialises in surgeon oncology for breast cancer.

What medical qualification does Dr. Pragnya Chigurupati have?

Dr. Pragnya Chigurupati’s medical qualification is MS-General Surgery. You can also book an appointment with Dr. Pragnya Chigurupati on Onco.com

How many years of experience does Dr. Pragnya Chigurupati have?

Dr. Pragnya Chigurupati has 3 years of experience in the field of surgeon oncology for breast cancer.

How much does Dr. Pragnya Chigurupati charge for consultation?

To know more accurate consultation fees, please get in touch with us.

Why should patients or care givers visit Dr. Pragnya Chigurupati?

Patients or Care givers often visit Dr. Pragnya Chigurupati for breast cancer. To get more information on reasons to visit Dr. Pragnya Chigurupati, please visit Dr. Pragnya Chigurupati profile on Onco.com

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